LinkedIn for Lawyers: The 5 Basics

We’ve all heard the LinkedIn hubbub — how it enables two professionals who would likely never have the opportunity to meet in person to connect in a mutually beneficial way; and for lawyers specifically, how it can create a strong referral network that crosses state lines (a little interstate commerce never hurt anybody). But the question is, how can you make this fabulous networking tool work for you?

5 Tips that will assist every attorney in building a strong LinkedIn presence:

1. Time – I know, you probably don’t have much of it. And the time you do have is spent billing in 6, 12, 15-minute increments. But if you want LinkedIn to work for you, you have to spend time on the site, as described below…

2. Make Your Profile Pretty – Ahhh, yes. Back to that thorny time issue (see #1).  But I promise you, spending 20, 30, 60 minutes creating your online resume and utilizing the profile enhancement tricks that LinkedIn provides will be worth every minute you spend.  90% of individuals perform online research before making a decision (including which lawyer to hire), so make sure your LinkedIn profile shines.