TEN Presents: Kristen Marquis Dennis on Social Media for Lawyers

For lawyers looking to take their practice to the next level, attorney and legal marketing expert Kristen Marquis Dennis has the answer. Join her on Tuesday, July 28 as she shares how to effectively and ethically utilize social media for business development with The Esquire Network.

During this educational, interactive, and informative MCLE presentation, Kristen will share tips on how to use social media and the internet to strengthen your marketing efforts and grow your practice. Join Kristen for a discussion on how to brand yourself and/or your practice; create a social media campaign (i.e. LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, YouTube) that drives leads to your website; write blog posts that establish you as a thought leader in your practice area; and more.

In our digitally based world, a strong web presence is not a luxury, it is a necessity.

Tweeting Lawyers: Follower Insights & Best Times to Tweet

Tweeting lawyers: Are you interested in the demographics of your followers and connecting with them with increased efficiency? If your answer is a resounding YES, keep reading…

Twitter recently introduced a tool to help users better understand their audience. You can now view data about your followers:

  • income
  • geographic location
  • education history (including where they went to school)
  • profession
  • phone carrier
  • interests
  • purchasing behavior
  • and more.

What does this mean for a lawyer looking to create an effective social media marketing campaign? Business development is about to get a whole lot more targeted.

Using Twitter’s audience insights (access yours here), a savvy lawyer can take this valuable information all the way to the bank.

The Thank You Plus: The Key to Maintaining Referral Relationships

Ahhhh… Referrals. It’s probably safe to say there isn’t a successful professional out there who doesn’t appreciate the value of a good referral. More powerful than a Facebook ad or Avvo rating, a referral from a trusted colleague can be the determining factor for the decision-maker in need of your professional services.

Unfortunately, the number of individuals who ask friends and trusted colleagues for attorney referrals is on the decline.

Percentage of people who ask friends and relatives for attorney referrals:

2005 – 65%

2014 – 29%

This means that the competition for referral business is tough out there! It is safe to say that other professional services providers (consulting, litigation services, mediators, business coaches, etc..) are in the same boat. So the BIG question is:

What are you doing to keep those valued referrals coming?

OCBA & OCWLA Present: Marketing, Social Media, & Biz Dev For Lawyers

Join attorney, social media expert, and seasoned speaker Kristen Marquis Dennis of WebPresence, Esq. for a not-to-miss presentation brought to you by the Orange County Women Lawyers Association and the Orange County Bar Association. During this educational, interactive, and informative lunchtime presentation Kristen will share tips on how to strengthen your marketing efforts and grow…

Facebook for Lawyers

A billion users worldwide have catapulted Facebook to its secure spot as the giant in social networking. With Americans spending an average of 40 minutes per day on Facebook, many corporations and businesses have created their own Facebook pages to connect with their targeted audience.

Facebook vs LinkedIn

When it comes to professional networking, LinkedIn has shown its effectiveness in maintaining and developing new spheres of influence.  However, using Facebook effectively can help you achieve the same results while also creating meaningful personal and business relationships and strengthening your firm’s brand.

Making it Rain: Marketing and Social Media MCLE Seminar for Lawyers

Join attorney and social media expert Kristen Marquis Dennis on May 19 at the Beverly Hills Bar Association for an informative, interactive presentation on marketing, social media, and business development for lawyers. This seminar qualifies for 1 hour of Ethics MCLE.

It’s a modern reality that a majority of us (your potential clients included) spend over 1.7 hours a day on social networks. This seminar will discuss how to use effectively and ethically utilize social media (i.e. LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, YouTube) to promote your law practice and drive leads to your website, highlight the importance of online review sites and how to monitor them; the necessity of blogging; and more.

Social Media Image Sizes – 2015

If you’re like us, you’re constantly refreshing your content — and your images — on your social networks. And if you’re also like us, you’re probably exhausted by trying to keep up with the various updates to cover photos, profile pictures, image headers, and more.

While the top social networks (LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, etc…) certainly have not made it easy for anyone to keep up with the constantly changing image sizing requirements, we have! This infograph lays out the logo / head shot sizing requirements for every social network that a social lawyer needs to be active on…

Say goodbye to stretched out / cropped / upside down logos that don’t serve to build your law firm’s brand and say hello to social networking for lawyers at its finest!

Mobilegeddon: Is Your Website Prepared?

On April 21, 2015, Google will be making significant changes to its mobile search algorithm. The end result? Websites that are not mobile friendly will, essentially, be blacklisted.

Mobile friendly websites render different layouts depending on the size of the browser screen and with more and more individuals (prospective clients, potential business synergies, members of the media, etc…) accessing the web through their mobile devices, the decision by Google to promote websites that are mobile friendly makes sense.

The use of mobile devices is quickly surpassing PC usage, meaning law firms that don’t have mobile friendly websites are already at a disadvantage. After April 21, a non-mobile friendly website will just not appear in mobile search results. End of story.

Responsively Designed Websites