The Thank You Plus: The Key to Maintaining Referral Relationships

Ahhhh… Referrals. It’s probably safe to say there isn’t a successful professional out there who doesn’t appreciate the value of a good referral. More powerful than a Facebook ad or Avvo rating, a referral from a trusted colleague can be the determining factor for the decision-maker in need of your professional services.

Unfortunately, the number of individuals who ask friends and trusted colleagues for attorney referrals is on the decline.

Percentage of people who ask friends and relatives for attorney referrals:

2005 – 65%

2014 – 29%

This means that the competition for referral business is tough out there! It is safe to say that other professional services providers (consulting, litigation services, mediators, business coaches, etc..) are in the same boat. So the BIG question is:

What are you doing to keep those valued referrals coming?

Client References and Your Law Firm’s Online Presence

You may be convinced that your primary source of business is through word of mouth — and you may be right. However, recent research and online data tracking shows that your website is without question the number one resource for your potential client / media connection, referral source to learn more about you. In other words, before retaining your law firm’s services, your potential client is checking out your online presence… Your law firm website, your LinkedIn profile, your speaking engagements and article publications, and more.

If your website isn’t designed to draw prospective business in, or if your web presence isn’t geared to help potential clients find and positively evaluate you, you’re missing a huge opportunity.

Client Testimonials for Business Development

At WebPresence, Esq. we are always meeting with fellow attorneys to discuss building their web presence. During the process, one of the most common questions we are asked surrounds the use of client testimonials. With potential clients spending more time performing online research prior to giving you a call, a few positive words from a satisfied client (or five or ten) can go a long way. Not only that, testimonials go over well with the major search engines (Google/Yahoo/Bing). And as we all know, search engine rankings are key.

So what is the best way to ask your client for a glowing testimonial that you can share on your website, Facebook page, and/or Avvo profile? We believe it depends, in part, on the area of law you practice. Whether your focus is white collar crime or personal injury, read on for tips on how to obtain and maximize client testimonials for business development!

Best Networking Apps for Lawyers

Networking may be one of the hardest tasks for a busy attorney. It takes time, effort, and know-how to network in-person.

Thankfully, if you’ve realized the value of networking, there are some apps that make the job a lot easier. Or shall we say: there’s an app for that! Five of them in list this. And then a 6th just for fun.

Here are some of the best apps for professional legal networking and for building your online presence:

Law Firm Business Development is Shifting

The Yellow Pages are so 1999.  Even television as we once knew it has changed: 42% of home televisions are now equipped with digital recording systems that allow them to fast forward through commercials. Attorneys and law firms of all sizes have to accept that the business development landscape has changed and Social Media is the present.

With Facebook now acting as its own search engine, bringing up search results from inside and outside of Facebook, many of your potential clients know that they never have to leave the world’s most popular site (over 1 billion members spend almost 55 billion minutes per month on Facebook). Additionally, taking your networking to the Internet provides the opportunity to build a bigger sphere and drive more traffic (aka potential clients) to your website.

California Bar Issues Proposed Ethics Opinion on Social Networking

Every time I visit with a fellow attorney to discuss WebPresence, Esq. and how we can build his or her legal practice, I raise the issue of ethics. Most of the time, lawyers are keen to discuss this very relevant topic, as finding oneself on a state bar’s professional misconduct list is the last thing a licensed attorney wants.

As attorneys ourselves, the legal marketing professionals at WebPresence, Esq. understand the necessity in keeping in line with the Professional Rules of Conduct. If your license is in jeopardy because your legal marketer is producing content that is not considered educational and informational or your Social Media accounts are ‘communicating’ with prospective clients, your practice will suffer.

The State Bar of California’s Standing Committee on Professional Responsibility and Conduct (COPRAC), which is charged with the task of issuing advisory opinions on the ethical propriety of hypothetical attorney conduct, recently had something to say about Social Networking:

Santa Monica Bar Association Presents: Winning Trial Strategies & Techniques

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7 Steps of A Successful Social Media Campaign

Interested in taking your practice to the next level?  As you probably know by now, you cannot overlook the Internet for business development purposes. Read on to learn the 7 Steps of A Successful Social Media Campaign…

STEP 1: Determine Your Target Market

Who are you looking to connect with? New clients? Other lawyers? Thought-leaders in your practice area? Before you start your Social Media campaign you must determine your target market.

Step 2: Figure Out Who’s on Which Networks

Not everyone uses every Social Media network. Once you have completed Step 1 (above) you need to research who is doing what where. A well-rounded Social Media campaign is important, but network selectively.

STEP 3: Limit Yourself

New Social Media networks are popping up almost daily — it’s impossible to not only keep track of them, but think you can effectively navigate each one. Of course, outsourcing to a Web Presence Management company will allow you a broader reach and free up your time to focus on your practice.

Social Networking Statistics: The Who, What, Where, Why of Social Media for Law Firm Business Development

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