Why Using Your Headshot on LinkedIn is Necessary

For many lawyers and legal professionals, it can be tempting to hide behind your online presence — or ignore it altogether. Whether this stems from a disbelief that maintaining a professional presence on certain social networks can actually help an attorney grow his business or from an “I’ll get to it… Eventually” attitude, the end result is the same: You’re staying back in the Yellow Pages era while your clients, prospective clients, and referral sources have moved on to bigger and better (i.e. the Internet and your main competitor’s fancy new website).

Lately, we’ve seen a new kind of hiding, one that will seriously hurt an attorney’s online presence: refusing to use your headshot on your accounts. This is diversion technique is up there with using an unprofessional photo (i.e. you on the phone outside of the courthouse, you at your child’s soccer game) in terms of “social media no-nos”.

How Can Lawyers Maximize LinkedIn?

LinkedIn, the go-to social media network for professionals, has quickly become a great resource for referrals and prospects for lawyers. According to a recent Mediapost survey, 9 out of 10 executives use LinkedIn and many in-house lawyers searched for outside counsel on LinkedIn.  Just as with in-person marketing, online marketing requires the thoughtful and strategic implementation of a few specific tools.

Read on for a few tips to maximize your LinkedIn presence and get the ROI that every biz dev savvy lawyer is looking for…
1. Complete your profile and optimize it for online searches.
Spend time sprucing up your LinkedIn profile. Include relevant information a potential client or connection might use to find you. Upload a professional head shot. Profiles with a professional picture receive more views than those with a logo or a company name.

Can Your LinkedIn Profile Bring You New Business?

Let it be said again: LinkedIn is the must-use (and most used) social network for professionals. With over 200 million users, and 74 million of them in the US, there is no shortage of business development opportunities for the savvy lawyer. As with any marketing tool, LinkedIn is far more effective when you make the most of what it has to offer. In this post, we will explore “Who’s Viewed Your Profile” and it’s value to you as a practicing attorney looking to bring in new business.

Recently, LinkedIn changed the way Who’s Viewed My Profile displays in your settings (and if you are not regularly using this feature, start now!). LinkedIn has dramatically shortened the content shown in a Who’s Viewed My Profile shot. This means that, in about 8 succinct words, you need to explain what you do in a somewhat creative and eye-catching manner. Sound like too much to ask? Talk to us about updating your LinkedIn profile.

Professionals (your potential referral sources and clients) use LinkedIn to expand their networks. It’s up to you to — efficiently and without putting anyone to sleep — convince them that they should connect with you and potentially bring you their business. Your headline is your slogan. Make it count!

Below are a few examples of what doesn’t work for a LinkedIn ‘slogan’. Notice that headlines are cut off mid-sentence, leaving the guesswork up to the potential connection. In marketing, a brand (which is what you, the practicing attorney, are in today’s digital world) strives to avoid leaving the potential consumer with ambiguity as to the brand’s purpose or mission. Do not rely on your audience to accurately assume what you can do for them. Clearly, professionally, and creatively tell them.

6 Steps to Building a Search Engine Optimized LinkedIn Profile

No matter what type of law you practice, a strong presence on LinkedIn is a must. LinkedIn, the social networking site for professionals (including lawyers like yourself), is an opportunity to build referral relationships, increase your online presence, and create a mini-resume for future clients to view prior to giving you a call. Overwhelmed by LinkedIn and its constant updates? Or not convinced anyone will actually look at your profile? Do not despair… Not only does a LinkedIn profile generally show up in the top of search results (Google trusts LinkedIn and therefore gives it higher rankings), but it can serve as the differentiator you need to set yourself apart from your ‘competition.’

Read on to learn these 6 simple steps for tuning up your LinkedIn profile…

Tips for Finding The Best Online Legal Marketing Company for Your Law Firm

At WebPresence, Esq. we lead by example. Unlike some legal marketing companies, where you can’t really be sure who you are dealing with and if this mystery person should really be trusted with your law firm’s reputation, WebPresence, Esq. believes in a personal, hands-on approach. What’s more, we don’t offer any services that we don’t engage in or use ourself.

Take our founder, Kristen Marquis, Attorney at Law, for example. Her LinkedIn profile is updated to its fullest extent and she maintains a very active presence on the site; using it to build business, develop her professional reputation, and establish her authority in the field of online presence management for lawyers. Don’t believe her? Ask the thousands of professionals who visited her site last year, making her profile one of the top 1% most visited profiles on LinkedIn in 2012.

Common Social Media Mistakes Lawyers Don’t Want To Make

Are you one of the many lawyer starting to see the benefit of building a strong web presence? Or have you watched your competitors and colleagues pull ahead of the pack by masterfully crafting the art of social networking?  It’s not easy to build an effective online presence, but it can be done. However, before you get any crazy ideas, just filling out a law firm page on Facebook or starting a Twitter account is not enough. If you are really interested in exploding your practice through the power of social media marketing for attorneys, you need to avoid making these common mistakes:

You aren’t using images or videos.  These days, we are bombarded with information at every turn. If you are not setting yourself apart, and making it easy for people to be interested in you and/or your content, you will go unnoticed — ouch! Adding relevant images and videos can make your law firm’s social media presence more interesting to your potential clients.

Social Media for Lawyers: Who, What, When, Where, and How to Share

As lawyers, most of us can appreciate a good legal strategy. One that highlights an argument or position that you had never considered, or maybe that re-phrases something so old it’s new again. Whatever the reason, you take notice. And that’s exactly how your online network should feel about your Social Media campaign. Whether you are targeting fellow attorneys, the media, or members of the general public, your Social Media strategy needs to be on point. Sharp. Unforgettable. Successful.

You must know that WHO you’re marketing to has a strong effect on WHEN and HOW to market to them. As an experienced Social Media marketing for lawyers professional can tell you, this takes research, time and planning.

Here are a few tips (and a great infograph!) to help you create a Social Media marketing campaign for the record books:

8 Biggest Social Media Mistakes Lawyers Make

As more and more lawyers begin to accept that Social Media is a part of the business development landscape (hey, even the ABA is onto it!), we are noticing a few mistakes that many law firms are making over and over again. Whether it is the attorneys themselves or someone they have hired to manage their Social Networking, the end game is the same: a less than effective Social Media campaign.

We understand. Monitoring Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, and whatever else they come up with next, is time-consuming. Additionally, most practicing attorneys do not have the time to focus on creating new and unique content for the various Social Networks and be social online. Twitter can be especially difficult — a lawyer who writes in 140 characters or less? We’re sure there’s a joke about that somewhere… But along with content creation, there are certain rules one has to follow when engaging online.  This is where outsourcing to a non-attorney marketer can get tricky. Hey, we’re obviously all for outsourcing, but we’re also attorneys who have practiced and understand the game.

If you are a lawyer or law firm considering a Social Media presence — and this includes a blog — or if you already have one, make sure you are not committing one of these common Social Media mistakes.

Ethics, Social Media, and Lawyers: 8 Tips to Stay in Line with the ABA

Many attorneys are [wisely] concerned about the ethical considerations that go along with having active Social Media accounts, including blogs. With the power to seriously mess with a lawyer’s ‘active and in good standing’ status, the State Bar is not a group to be messed with. As licensed attorneys, the Social Media professionals at WebPresence, Esq. understand the necessity of maintaining an ethically-sound Web Presence.

The ABA has finally acknowledged the place of Social Media in the legal world. The ABA’s House of Delegates — its governing body — considered the recommendations of the ABA Commission on Ethics 20/20, which has proposed revisions to the Model Rules of Professional Conduct to address changes in technology.

Social Media for Lawyers is the present – and the future. You don’t have to be afraid of the powers of Social Networking as long as you, or your Social Media team, is aware of the ethical pitfalls and approaches your Social Media campaign with a bit of common sense and professional awareness. Read on for tips on how to stay out of trouble when utilizing Social Media to build your law practice.

LinkedIn for Lawyers: The 5 Basics

We’ve all heard the LinkedIn hubbub — how it enables two professionals who would likely never have the opportunity to meet in person to connect in a mutually beneficial way; and for lawyers specifically, how it can create a strong referral network that crosses state lines (a little interstate commerce never hurt anybody). But the question is, how can you make this fabulous networking tool work for you?

5 Tips that will assist every attorney in building a strong LinkedIn presence:

1. Time – I know, you probably don’t have much of it. And the time you do have is spent billing in 6, 12, 15-minute increments. But if you want LinkedIn to work for you, you have to spend time on the site, as described below…

2. Make Your Profile Pretty – Ahhh, yes. Back to that thorny time issue (see #1).  But I promise you, spending 20, 30, 60 minutes creating your online resume and utilizing the profile enhancement tricks that LinkedIn provides will be worth every minute you spend.  90% of individuals perform online research before making a decision (including which lawyer to hire), so make sure your LinkedIn profile shines.