Google Update: Keywords, Links Lose Favor for Marketing

Times, they are a changin’. As many lawyers who employ SEO companies to increase their search results rankings are learning, Google can’t be bought. Panda and Penguin, two updates for the much-discussed Google algorithms for determining search result placement, brought down many law firms last year when the updates started to penalize companies that purchased links, spammed key words, or created invisible white pages for clients in the hopes to increase their online visibility. Not only are these practices shady, but they no longer work. WebPresence, Esq. saw a number of law firms disappear from the first page of a Google search thanks to these updates.

Unfortunately for many more law firms, Google is at it again. This time, Google is going after over-linking and over-keywording and the search engine marketers that engage in these practices. This is great news for those of us who provide quality legal content for blogs — our unique, information content will be rewarded with higher search engine rankings.


Social Media for Lawyers: Beyond the Yellow Pages (Cal Lawyer)

WebPresence, Esq.’s founder, Kristen Marquis (who is also an active attorney), authored an article for California Lawyer magazine on the ethical issues lawyers face when engaging in and on Social Media. As every practicing attorney knows, there are strict guidelines surrounding ‘advertising’ and ‘soliciting’ that a lawyer must adhere to in order to avoid the…


Kristen Marquis of WebPresence, Esq. Joins SMBA Board of Directors

SANTA MONICA, California — January 7, 2013 — The Santa Monica Bar Association (“SMBA”) recently announced that Kristen Marquis, Attorney at Law and Founder of WebPresence, Esq., was elected to SMBA’s board of directors. Kristen joins a group of esteemed Santa Monica attorneys; including David Olan of Olan Law, the incumbent SMBA President. Founded in 1928, the Santa Monica Bar Association provides its members, the courts, and the community with a variety of services, activities and commitments.

“The SMBA is a service-oriented organization dedicated to bringing legal resources and knowledge to the Westside and beyond,” said Kristen Marquis. “I am delighted to be an intrinsic part of developing it into a go-to resource for both attorneys and the general public alike. With the foresight and motivation of my fellow board members, I expect great things for the SMBA in 2013.”

At WebPresence, Esq., Kristen is responsible for developing and executing all of the company’s long-term growth strategies, launching new services, developing new business, and defining WebPresence, Esq. as the premier resource for attorneys and law firms looking to expand their brand. She founded WebPresence, Esq. after noting a need in the legal marketplace for quality, ethically-sound social media and online presence management campaigns. Previously, she was practiced corporate law at a well-respected law firm in Santa Monica, CA.


Building Your Law Firm’s Social Media Swagger

How influential are you online? What does your law firm’s online presence say about your practice? Are you tweeting and Facebook status updating but to no avail? Your answers to these questions are crucial when determining the effectiveness of your Social Media Marketing campaign and whether or not your efforts, or those of your legal marketing team, are bringing you the results you desire.

Whether you are using Social Media to establish your credibility in a certain area, become a household name, bring in new business, or all of the above, use these tips for upping your Social Media swagger:

1. Focus. Just like you have (probably) narrowed your practice areas to a few key niches, do not over-extend yourself on Social Media. There are ton of social networking sites for lawyers out there, and more popping up every day. Instead of trying to get a teeny piece of all of them, focus on a few select networking sites based, in large part, on your target demographic. Your content quality will be higher, meaning more potential clients will want to read it, and you’ll end up with a more targeted follower base.


Building Your Law Firm Website’s SEO

As part of a well-rounded Web Presence, every lawyer needs to consider Social Networking. Competition is tough and first page placement on a Google or Bing or Yahoo search is ideal. While no legal marketing company can guarantee certain page placement (and if they do, consider this a giant red flag), there are certain tools of Web Presence Management for lawyers that helps a lawyer or law firm increase its web traffic and search engine rankings. Appearing on the first page of a Google search provides you with an incredible opportunity to drive qualified traffic to your website and be found by potential new clients.

You have probably heard of SEO, or search engine optimization. A search engine optimized website requires money, time, and patience.  Here are a ten tips for building your law firm website’s SEO:


Common Social Media Mistakes Lawyers Don’t Want To Make

Are you one of the many lawyer starting to see the benefit of building a strong web presence? Or have you watched your competitors and colleagues pull ahead of the pack by masterfully crafting the art of social networking?  It’s not easy to build an effective online presence, but it can be done. However, before you get any crazy ideas, just filling out a law firm page on Facebook or starting a Twitter account is not enough. If you are really interested in exploding your practice through the power of social media marketing for attorneys, you need to avoid making these common mistakes:

You aren’t using images or videos.  These days, we are bombarded with information at every turn. If you are not setting yourself apart, and making it easy for people to be interested in you and/or your content, you will go unnoticed — ouch! Adding relevant images and videos can make your law firm’s social media presence more interesting to your potential clients.


The Value in Smart Social Networking for Lawyers

If you’re a practicing attorney, you’ve likely been approached by a legal marketing company that promises to help you build your Social Network. And while having a large number of followers can be important, in the legal word, it is about quality not quantity. In order to be effective, your marketing team must be aware that the ways in which attorneys should interact via social media are different than for professionals in any other industry. At WebPresence, Esq. we are attorneys-turned-social media professionals and we approach each of our client’s Social Media campaigns with the ABA Model Rules, State Bar rules, and the uniqueness of the legal services industry in mind.

Using Social Media the Right Way

For lawyers, Social Media must be used as the starting point for a dialogue and not as a tool to initiate specific legal advice. This might seem obvious, but what the ABA and/or your State Bar considers legal advice can be broad. Make sure your legal marketing team is distinctly aware of what is and is not putting your law license at risk.


Social Media for Lawyers: Who, What, When, Where, and How to Share

As lawyers, most of us can appreciate a good legal strategy. One that highlights an argument or position that you had never considered, or maybe that re-phrases something so old it’s new again. Whatever the reason, you take notice. And that’s exactly how your online network should feel about your Social Media campaign. Whether you are targeting fellow attorneys, the media, or members of the general public, your Social Media strategy needs to be on point. Sharp. Unforgettable. Successful.

You must know that WHO you’re marketing to has a strong effect on WHEN and HOW to market to them. As an experienced Social Media marketing for lawyers professional can tell you, this takes research, time and planning.

Here are a few tips (and a great infograph!) to help you create a Social Media marketing campaign for the record books: