Best Networking Apps for Lawyers

Networking may be one of the hardest tasks for a busy attorney. It takes time, effort, and know-how to network in-person.

Thankfully, if you’ve realized the value of networking, there are some apps that make the job a lot easier. Or shall we say: there’s an app for that! Five of them in list this. And then a 6th just for fun.

Here are some of the best apps for professional legal networking and for building your online presence:


How Lawyers Can Use Halloween to Get New Business

Think that kids are the only ones benefiting from Halloween? Think again.

While Halloween is not a popularly searched topic for most of the year, beginning September, and blowing up in October, Google is bombarded with Halloween-related search inquiries. Not surprisingly, last week in October, boasts about 100 times more Halloween-related search requests than any other time of the year.

So how are you and your law firm capitalizing on this potential new business bonanza?  If you aren’t already, start incorporating Halloween into your firm’s marketing, public relations, blogging and social media efforts. Use this holiday as an invaluable opportunity to raise your law firm’s Web Presence and see the benefits online, in the media, and in your firm’s expanded reach.

While Halloween is supposed to be good, old-fashioned fun, there are quite a few legal issues tied to the scariest holiday of the year. For example:

Getting Festive. While a fun family activity, decorating one’s home for Halloween can also be dangerous. Lawyers can remind homeowners that they face possible liability if a trick or treater falls and hurts themselves on their property.


8 Biggest Social Media Mistakes Lawyers Make

As more and more lawyers begin to accept that Social Media is a part of the business development landscape (hey, even the ABA is onto it!), we are noticing a few mistakes that many law firms are making over and over again. Whether it is the attorneys themselves or someone they have hired to manage their Social Networking, the end game is the same: a less than effective Social Media campaign.

We understand. Monitoring Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, and whatever else they come up with next, is time-consuming. Additionally, most practicing attorneys do not have the time to focus on creating new and unique content for the various Social Networks and be social online. Twitter can be especially difficult — a lawyer who writes in 140 characters or less? We’re sure there’s a joke about that somewhere… But along with content creation, there are certain rules one has to follow when engaging online.  This is where outsourcing to a non-attorney marketer can get tricky. Hey, we’re obviously all for outsourcing, but we’re also attorneys who have practiced and understand the game.

If you are a lawyer or law firm considering a Social Media presence — and this includes a blog — or if you already have one, make sure you are not committing one of these common Social Media mistakes.


Ethics, Social Media, and Lawyers: 8 Tips to Stay in Line with the ABA

Many attorneys are [wisely] concerned about the ethical considerations that go along with having active Social Media accounts, including blogs. With the power to seriously mess with a lawyer’s ‘active and in good standing’ status, the State Bar is not a group to be messed with. As licensed attorneys, the Social Media professionals at WebPresence, Esq. understand the necessity of maintaining an ethically-sound Web Presence.

The ABA has finally acknowledged the place of Social Media in the legal world. The ABA’s House of Delegates — its governing body — considered the recommendations of the ABA Commission on Ethics 20/20, which has proposed revisions to the Model Rules of Professional Conduct to address changes in technology.

Social Media for Lawyers is the present – and the future. You don’t have to be afraid of the powers of Social Networking as long as you, or your Social Media team, is aware of the ethical pitfalls and approaches your Social Media campaign with a bit of common sense and professional awareness. Read on for tips on how to stay out of trouble when utilizing Social Media to build your law practice.


Top BigLaw Firms on the Social Web

Social Media is not just for tweens. From properly managed blogs to Twitters accounts breaking legal stories and YouTube channels teaching potential clients about their rights, Social Networking is enabling law firms of all sizes to connect with potential clients, referral sources, and expand their reach.

In today’s competitive legal market, it’s not enough to just ‘be.’ Your law firm’s Web Presence is a crucial part of the business development process. If your firm, or one of your top attorneys (you?), are looking to stand out and develop your brand (yes, lawyers and law firms are considered ‘brands’) then you need to be in front of your target audience. Whether that audience is journalists, future alleged criminals, yet-to-be-harmed plaintiffs, or other legal professionals, you will reach them through the Internet.

And don’t think that BigLaw hasn’t caught on to this. Here are a few well-managed, strategic Social Media accounts by law firms: