Law Firm Branding: The Heart of Your Marketing Message

law firm brandingBranding is not optional. Every law firm, practice group and individual lawyer has a brand. The question being, is it one you created?

You can allow the market (your prospective clients, synergistic partners, the media) to control the image associated with your practice, or you can take a proactive, strategic approach and brand yourself. Set yourself apart. Clearly identify yourself in the marketplace as an experienced professional. Or rather, allow our team of experienced creatives who understand the legal marketplace to do so for you.

Our branding services will serve as the backbone to your online and offline marketing; including marketing collateral, advertising, website design, social media campaigns, public relations, and more.

Our 3-D branding process: Discover, Define, Deliver

DISCOVER. We have a conversation about what makes your law firm tick and what you hope to accomplish.

DEFINE. We identify strategic ways to reach your target audience.

DELIVER. We create the marketing pieces that will make your practice stand out.

How Our Law Firm Branding Works

We will send you a brand survey to be filled out by your firm’s decision makers. Our team will review and analyze the results of the survey and research your competitive space. Finally, we will consult with you and your team about your goals and place them firmly in line with our professional, creative, one-of-a-kind branding vision for your firm.


Law Firm Branding Samples