Social Media For Lawyers: Ethics MCLE Presentation

California lawyers: Are you in need of filling 1 of your 4 hours of Ethics MCLE requirements? Tired of hearing about substance abuse and commingling funds? We’ve got your back.

Attorney and MCLE presenter Kristen Marquis will provide your law firm with an educational, interactive, and informative one hour of Legal Ethics credit while discussing how to use social media to promote your law practice, enhance your online and offline reputation, and increase your name recognition in front of your target audience (i.e. potential clients, other lawyers, the media, synergistic partners, etc…). The presentation has been approved by the State Bar of California for One Hour of Legal Ethics MCLE.

Is Hiring Someone to Write Your Legal Blog Really Unethical?

Lately, there’s been a bunch of noise about dangers of “ghostwritten” legal blogs. Apparently, no one is safe and practicing attorneys are supposed to stop focusing on their practice to take time out to write informational, educational blog posts, engage on social media, and otherwise not bill out for their time. After weeks of reading about this, particularly rants by an individual who profits from having attorneys ‘write’ their own blogs, I decided to share my own thoughts on this matter, as both an attorney and the founder of a company who writes legal content on behalf of lawyers.

Argument #1 – Bad Content

Lawyers: Think Before You Blog

Lawyers, are you thinking before you blog? By now, you’ve probably heard that if you’re not blogging for business development then your practice is slowly dying on the vine… While this may be a slight (just a slight!) exaggeration, maintaining an active blog is undoubtedly one effective way for a lawyer to enhance his or…

Ethical Rules in California Governing a Lawyer’s Online Presence

Wondering if your social media campaign (and that includes blogging!) is falling in line with the State Bar of California’s rules governing an attorney’s online presence? You aren’t alone.

WebPresence, Esq. focuses on attorney web marketing and provides services to attorneys throughout California and the United States. Licensed attorneys ourselves, we understand that a lawyer’s livelihood depends on compliance with their State Bar’s rules. We make every effort to ensure that our clients come into compliance and stay in compliance with the applicable California Rules of Professional Conduct.

Read on to learn a few rules relating to a California lawyer’s online presence…

Santa Monica Bar Association’s Annual Dinner — Oct. 30th!

WebPresence, Esq. is pleased to be a sponsor of the Santa Monica Bar Association’s upcoming Annual Fall Dinner at Shutters on the Beach.  Join us on October 30, 2013, as we introduce the new Board of Trustees. The evening’s keynote speaker and honoree is Santa Monica Police Chief Jacqueline A. Seabrooks.

WebPresence, Esq. believes firmly in that lawyers interested business development must engage in social networking both on and off-line (aka over the web and in person). Increase your referral network and expand your potential client base on October 30th as you mingle with new and old friends alike. The evening will be filled with great food, music, and fun.

For more information on the event, see the flyer below or click this link to register directly. You can also contact WebPresence, Esq.’s founder, Kristen Marquis, an SMBA Board Member and Officer.

Social Media for Lawyers: Beyond the Yellow Pages (Cal Lawyer)

WebPresence, Esq.’s founder, Kristen Marquis (who is also an active attorney), authored an article for California Lawyer magazine on the ethical issues lawyers face when engaging in and on Social Media. As every practicing attorney knows, there are strict guidelines surrounding ‘advertising’ and ‘soliciting’ that a lawyer must adhere to in order to avoid the…

Ethics, Social Media, and Lawyers: 8 Tips to Stay in Line with the ABA

Many attorneys are [wisely] concerned about the ethical considerations that go along with having active Social Media accounts, including blogs. With the power to seriously mess with a lawyer’s ‘active and in good standing’ status, the State Bar is not a group to be messed with. As licensed attorneys, the Social Media professionals at WebPresence, Esq. understand the necessity of maintaining an ethically-sound Web Presence.

The ABA has finally acknowledged the place of Social Media in the legal world. The ABA’s House of Delegates — its governing body — considered the recommendations of the ABA Commission on Ethics 20/20, which has proposed revisions to the Model Rules of Professional Conduct to address changes in technology.

Social Media for Lawyers is the present – and the future. You don’t have to be afraid of the powers of Social Networking as long as you, or your Social Media team, is aware of the ethical pitfalls and approaches your Social Media campaign with a bit of common sense and professional awareness. Read on for tips on how to stay out of trouble when utilizing Social Media to build your law practice.

California Bar Issues Proposed Ethics Opinion on Social Networking

Every time I visit with a fellow attorney to discuss WebPresence, Esq. and how we can build his or her legal practice, I raise the issue of ethics. Most of the time, lawyers are keen to discuss this very relevant topic, as finding oneself on a state bar’s professional misconduct list is the last thing a licensed attorney wants.

As attorneys ourselves, the legal marketing professionals at WebPresence, Esq. understand the necessity in keeping in line with the Professional Rules of Conduct. If your license is in jeopardy because your legal marketer is producing content that is not considered educational and informational or your Social Media accounts are ‘communicating’ with prospective clients, your practice will suffer.

The State Bar of California’s Standing Committee on Professional Responsibility and Conduct (COPRAC), which is charged with the task of issuing advisory opinions on the ethical propriety of hypothetical attorney conduct, recently had something to say about Social Networking: