Law Firm Branding

Every law firm, practice group, and individual lawyer has a brand.

You can allow the market (your prospective clients, the media) to control the image associated with your law firm, or you can take the proactive, strategic approach and create your firm’s message. Set your firm apart. Clearly identify your firm’s place in the market. Or allow our team of experienced creatives who understand the legal marketplace to do so for you.

Our branding services will serve as the backbone to your online and offline marketing; including logo design, website design, social media campaigns, public relations, marketing collateral, advertising, and more. We’ll even help you pick out the right domain name for your firm.

How Our Law Firm Branding Works

We will send you a brand survey to be filled out by your firm’s decision makers. Our team will review and analyze the results of the survey and research your competitive space. Finally, we will consult with you and your team about your goals and place them firmly in line with our professional, creative, one-of-a-kind branding vision for your firm.

Public Relations

Effective media relations is critical to ensuring that your firm’s message is accurately communicated to and understood by your target audiences.

By identifying these unique groups (potential clients, members of the media, strategic partners), we can engage them with strategic messages that resonate and influence opinions and perceptions.

High profile cases, the press, and 24/7 access to media, review sites, and social networks means strategic digital media leveraging is crucial to ensuring that your firm’s voice is clearly heard above the ‘noise’.  Former attorneys ourselves, the experienced public relations specialists at WebPresence, Esq. use a blend of proven PR tactics and revolutionary technology to promote law firms and increase an individual attorney’s profile

Media Placements Include

  • NBC News
  • ABC News
  • CBS News
  • TMZ
  • Riviera Magazine
  • Bloomberg
  • LA Times
  • Daily Journal
  • California Journal
  • The Recorder
  • New Matter
  • Corporate Financier
  • Law360
Law Firm Website Design

A responsively designed, professional website that reflects the quality and experience of your firm is a must in today’s digital world.

But designing a new website isn’t just about pretty pictures. A modern website must contain active content, appropriate color schemes, image selection, and user-friendly page layouts and adapt to mobile, tablet, desktop, laptop, and more.

When designing your website, WebPresence, Esq. employs search engine optimization (SEO) best practices.  We understand that the legal profession is a competitive one and we want to ensure that our clients have every advantage.  WebPresence, Esq. also recognizes that once your website has been designed (or re-designed), the real work has just begun.  We will constantly monitor your site, as well as the competition’s, for ways to improve your professional presence. From solo practitioners to AmLaw firms, our clients set the Web Presence curve.

Recent Website Projects

Social Media Marketing

Law firms need clients. Social media drives leads to your law firm’s website.

Your potential clients are spending hours each day on social networking sites. It’s time that your law fir reflects this web-based mentality, with clear deference to the ethical confines of a public-facing law practice.

If you’re interested in increasing your client base or enhancing your presence in the community, contact WebPresence, Esq. We will create a comprehensive Social Media strategy tailored to fit your law firm’s needs.

Legal Blogging

Search engines look to law firm blogs for fresh content and higher page rankings. In-house counsel look to law firm blogs for guidance on outside counsel hiring decisions. Potential clients look to law firm blogs for answers and solutions to their legal issue.

Are you blogging yet?

At WebPresence, Esq., we understand the many layers of value a professional, well-written legal blog can add to a law firm’s business development efforts. Our attorney writers will produce unique, high quality, and ethically sound content for your law firm’s blog.

Search Engine Marketing (SEO)

A strategic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) campaign can turn your law firm’s website into a virtual rainmaker, potentially bringing in several new high-quality leads a day and hundreds of thousands of dollars in new business a year by placing your law firm on page 1 of search results. WebPresence, Esq. uses cutting edge SEO strategies; including content creation, link building, metatags, and alt tags.


Curious if Avvo/Yelp/fill in the blank advertising is right for your firm?

Looking to expand your presence in another market? In need of print marketing materials for an upcoming firm seminar? From magazine inserts to advertising campaign, we can guide you in the direction best suited for your firm’s specific needs.


These days, many law firms have taken their marketing in-house. Let our team quietly run a web presence audit to ensure that best practices are being employed and that your in-house marketing efforts are bringing you the business you’re paying for.

Innovators ourselves, we also love to work with firms to create alternative pricing models, commoditize legal services, and bring your practice into the 21st century.

Online Reputation Management

Do you know what is being said online about you? Your firm? Your practice? Professional review websites and critics abound on the world wide web and your clients, prospective clients, and potential referral sources are using the internet to research you.  It is crucial that their first impression of you is positive.

WebPresence, Esq., will ensure that your reputable image is showcased on online profiles, review sites, blogs, biographical content, and any other pages relating your and your practice, allowing you to take a proactive approach to your moneymaker — you. Additionally, we will immediately notify you of positive or negative publicity shared about you on the world wide web.

Video Production & Marketing

Videos can go VIRAL — increasing your law firm’s exposure exponentially.

Stand out from your competition and increase your search engine rankings with our high quality video marketing solutions for law firms. One of the most compelling ways to convince a website visitor to contact your firm is with video. An effective tool for turning a lead into a client, video allows your firm to showcase its expertise by identifying legal issues and providing a potential solution (you).

If you’re interested in strengthening your law firm’s Web Presence and growing your practice, contact WebPresence, Esq. today to learn more about cost-effective video marketing for lawyers and law firms.

Client Testimonials
  • I have been actively marketing online in the legal vertical since 1998. I’ve witnessed web companies, and their people, come & go. The difference about WebPresence, Esq. is that [they] get it! The company takes no shortcuts and that is what sets them apart. The #1 secret to the internet is high quality content and Kristen has built her company on top notch legal content written/edited by a licensed attorney. I highly recommend WebPresence, Esq. to anyone who cares about the long run!

    Emery Brett Ledger
    Attorney At Law, The Ledger Law Firm
  • WebPresence, Esq. created my logo for my business cards, letterhead, and envelopes {and} also designed my firm’s website.
    Kristen and her staff at WebPresence, Esq. were great. They were very quick in designing a great logo and getting my website up and running. They created a website and logo that was exactly what I had envisioned. I would highly recommend her and WebPresence, Esq..
    legal website design, blogging, social media marketing, branding
    Aghavni Kasparian
  • I have had the privilege to work with Kristen over the last few years on some great projects. She has always impressed me and is awesome to work with. Kristen brings the best of many worlds to the table with her knowledge of the internet, marketing, and the legal industry. She really excels when it comes to initiating social media strategy, online reputation, SEO, SEM, and blogging. In addition to being strategic, she is also a subject matter expert which is why she is able to execute on the strategies she helps put in place. Her extensive legal background, expertise, and experience is what differentiates her from other marketers in the industry.

    legal website design, blogging, social media marketing, branding
    Erik Treutlein
    SVP, Product Marketing & Revenue Operations at ViaTech
  • I give Kristen and WebPresence, Esq. my highest recommendation! I have followed her work for many months and I follow her blog posts religiously. I finally actually hired her and her company to help with my online presence and the results have been astonishing in a very short period of time. After the first month, I have record visitors to my law firm blog and to my law office website. Isn’t that the whole idea? In short, she knows what she is doing and is worth every penny!

    legal website design, blogging, social media marketing, branding
    Barry P. Goldberg
    Attorney at Law
  • Kristen Marquis Dennis has been an invaluable resource to my growing mediation practice. She is tireless, creative, intelligent and competent. My practice has more than doubled since I handed over my marketing efforts to Kristen. And I have more time and energy to devote to what I do!

    legal website design, blogging, social media marketing, branding
    Jan Frankel Schau
  • I met Kristen at the beginning of my transition from trial lawyer to mediator and arbitrator. She did a fantastic job of helping me to promote my new career on the internet and in traditional media. She is wonderful to work with, creative, and hardworking. She did a great job in helping me get market recognition in a short period of time. I highly recommend her.

    legal website design, blogging, social media marketing, branding
    Bruce Friedman
  • I hired Kristen to build a website for my practice and she did a terrific job. I came to her knowing that I wanted to do something a bit different than most attorney websites, and she heard me loud and clear, building a site that not only reflected my ideas but also incorporated her knowledge of SEO and other important considerations. The work was done quickly and well, with great communication throughout the process. I would recommend Kristen to any attorney who needs a new, up-to-date website, or who wants to build or improve their online presence (so essential in today’s legal marketplace).

    legal website design, blogging, social media marketing, branding
    Jan D. Breslauer, Esq.
    Attorney at Law

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