Advanced Depositions Presents: Grow Your Law Practice Using Social Media and the Web

Orange County Lawyers & Legal Professionals: Join attorney and social media marketing expert Kristen Marquis Dennis, Founder of WebPresence, Esq., for an educational, interactive, and informative presentation on how to strengthen your marketing efforts and grow your law practice.

It’s a modern reality that a majority of us, your potential clients included, spend over 1.7 hours a day on social networks. Join Kristen for a discussion on how to:

TEN Presents: Kristen Marquis Dennis on Social Media for Lawyers

For lawyers looking to take their practice to the next level, attorney and legal marketing expert Kristen Marquis Dennis has the answer. Join her on Tuesday, July 28 as she shares how to effectively and ethically utilize social media for business development with The Esquire Network.

During this educational, interactive, and informative MCLE presentation, Kristen will share tips on how to use social media and the internet to strengthen your marketing efforts and grow your practice. Join Kristen for a discussion on how to brand yourself and/or your practice; create a social media campaign (i.e. LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, YouTube) that drives leads to your website; write blog posts that establish you as a thought leader in your practice area; and more.

In our digitally based world, a strong web presence is not a luxury, it is a necessity.

OCBA & OCWLA Present: Marketing, Social Media, & Biz Dev For Lawyers

Join attorney, social media expert, and seasoned speaker Kristen Marquis Dennis of WebPresence, Esq. for a not-to-miss presentation brought to you by the Orange County Women Lawyers Association and the Orange County Bar Association. During this educational, interactive, and informative lunchtime presentation Kristen will share tips on how to strengthen your marketing efforts and grow…

Making it Rain: Marketing and Social Media MCLE Seminar for Lawyers

Join attorney and social media expert Kristen Marquis Dennis on May 19 at the Beverly Hills Bar Association for an informative, interactive presentation on marketing, social media, and business development for lawyers. This seminar qualifies for 1 hour of Ethics MCLE.

It’s a modern reality that a majority of us (your potential clients included) spend over 1.7 hours a day on social networks. This seminar will discuss how to use effectively and ethically utilize social media (i.e. LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, YouTube) to promote your law practice and drive leads to your website, highlight the importance of online review sites and how to monitor them; the necessity of blogging; and more.

Kristen Marquis to Present at SDCBA on Business Development for Lawyers

If you will be in the San Diego area on March 26, 2014, stop by the San Diego County Bar Association for a great seminar on business development for lawyers! Or watch and learn on the live webcast. Click this link to learn more.

WebPresence, Esq.’s founder and practicing attorney Kristen Marquis will be one of five panel members sharing their experience and knowledge on how to build a successful law practice in today’s digital and competitive business climate. During Kristen’s segment, she will share tips on how to ethically and effectively use social media to expand your network, bring in new business, and masterfully enhance your online reputation.

Topics to be covered in the evening’s educational seminar:

Business Development for Lawyers Course with Guest Presenter Kristen Marquis

In today’s business climate, almost every attorney (those working for the government aside) needs to be a rainmaker. This requires a level of social interaction many lawyers are not comfortable with, or excited about. Unfortunately, however, social networking for lawyers can no longer be avoided.

Social networking is a dual-edged sword. On one side, you have online networking (a strong online presence is a must for today’s attorney). With online networking, an attorney has the benefit of communicating ‘through’ the internet, and building one’s practice (referral and prospective client network) through LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, Facebook, blogging, and the like… Many lawyers prefer this method to the other side of the sword: in-person, or offline networking.

Offline networking requires a degree of boldness and an infinite number of handshaking. One must attend networking events, join relevant organizations, host lunches, and the like. And, perhaps most important, one must be social. Offline networking, as with online networking, requires patience and diligence as a lawyer builds and tends to professional relationships.

Santa Monica Bar Association Summer BBQ — July 10th!

WebPresence, Esq. is pleased to be a sponsor of the Santa Monica Bar Association’s upcoming Summer BBQ! Join us on July 10th in the lovely Pacific Palisades as we enjoy some of summer’s most delicious food and drink and mingle with fellow So Cal attorneys and judiciary!

WebPresence, Esq. believes firmly in the power of social networking for lawyers, and that means on and off-line (aka over the web and in person). Increase your referral network and expand your potential client base on July 10th as you mingle with new and old friends alike. We will also be voting for the new Board of Trustees, so be prepared!

For more information on the event, see the flyer below or click this link to register directly. You can also contact WebPresence, Esq.’s founder, Kristen Marquis, an SMBA Board Member and Officer.

Social Media For Lawyers 101: An MCLE Lunch


Twitter, Facebook, Avvo, Yelp, LinkedIn… Where to begin? And is it even necessary? For lawyers looking to expand their practice, establish themselves as a reliable authority in their field, and/or build relationships with media and journalists, increasing your online visibility is a must. A professional, SEO friendly website is the foundation and engaging, ethically sound social networking sites are the springboards to a visibility that showcases your reputation and expertise and helps you build the law practice of your dreams.

Kristen Marquis, Esq. is an attorney turned social media expert. She understands the practice of law and what drives your potential client. Join us for lunch in Santa Monica, California on April 5 as we help you identify, create, and maintain the appropriate social networks for your practice.

The event flyer is below. For more information about the hour long MCLE lunch, contact Kristen or the Santa Monica Bar Association directly.