In-House Counsel Loves Social Media

Many of our clients are what we call ‘business to business’ law firms, in that they fish for new business from the referral or fellow attorney pond. From mediators to patent attorneys targeting in-house counsel as smaller businesses, we work with these attorneys to develop strong relationships with in-house counsel through a targeted social media campaign. And a recent study, the 2013 In-House Counsel new Media Engagement Survey conducted by Greentarget, Inside Counsel and Zeughauser Group, shows that we are on the right track (and even a few laps ahead).

To learn more about social media usage by in-house counsel, including blog readership, read on. If these stats convince you (and rightfully so) that it’s time for you / your law firm to build your web presence, we’re ready to help.

Interesting take-aways:


6 SEO Tips for Lawyers Seeking Top Search Engine Placement

As you are probably discovering yourself, the old ways of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) are no longer serving you / your law firm in terms of a Search Engine Results Page (SERP). And by old, we mean 2012. If your SEO company is guaranteeing results via linking, directories, and other vague promises, RUN (this is not an acronym and it is very important :)).

Not only did Google release a number of algorithm updates last year (including the Exact Match Domain (EMD) update, one dozen plus Panda updates, changes to actual search results pages, and unnatural link warnings through Google Webmaster Tools), but it has shifted its focus to content and SMO, or social media optimization. Therefore, the right social media campaign for lawyers will include a diverse and holistic perspective to SEO. One that favors quality over quantity, and community engagement over key word spamming.

If you are interested in building your law firm’s web presence, read on for 6 SEO tips for top SERP placement.


4 Reasons a Social Media Campaign for Lawyers is Necessary

Wondering if your law firm needs an active presence on social media? Social media for lawyers is not a new concept. Many law firm, from Am Law to solos, have been utilizing the social networking sites to build their practices, establish themselves as authorities in their particular field, and generally dominate the online world of potential business. With all the chatter about search engine rankings, SEO, and what works vs. what doesn’t, here are a few reasons why social media for lawyers is a must in today’s competitive environment.

4 Reasons Social Media Campaigns for Lawyers are Necessary:


Social Media For Lawyers 101: An MCLE Lunch


Twitter, Facebook, Avvo, Yelp, LinkedIn… Where to begin? And is it even necessary? For lawyers looking to expand their practice, establish themselves as a reliable authority in their field, and/or build relationships with media and journalists, increasing your online visibility is a must. A professional, SEO friendly website is the foundation and engaging, ethically sound social networking sites are the springboards to a visibility that showcases your reputation and expertise and helps you build the law practice of your dreams.

Kristen Marquis, Esq. is an attorney turned social media expert. She understands the practice of law and what drives your potential client. Join us for lunch in Santa Monica, California on April 5 as we help you identify, create, and maintain the appropriate social networks for your practice.

The event flyer is below. For more information about the hour long MCLE lunch, contact Kristen or the Santa Monica Bar Association directly.


Santa Monica Bar Association Annual Judges’ Reception – March 13, 2013

WebPresence, Esq. is delighted to sponsor the upcoming Santa Monica Bar Association Annual Judges’ Reception. On March 13, 2013, Southern California lawyers and legal professionals will have a chance to network while also taking a moment to honor the local judiciary.  This will be a great opportunity to dine and connect with fellow members of the bar in a gorgeous setting outside of the courtroom. As we always say, building your network in person is just as important as building your network online! The event will take place at the lovely Loews Hotel in Santa Monica.

We look forward to seeing you all there!

For more information on the event, please contact Kristen, who is also an SMBA Board Member and Officer.


6 Steps to Building a Search Engine Optimized LinkedIn Profile

No matter what type of law you practice, a strong presence on LinkedIn is a must. LinkedIn, the social networking site for professionals (including lawyers like yourself), is an opportunity to build referral relationships, increase your online presence, and create a mini-resume for future clients to view prior to giving you a call. Overwhelmed by LinkedIn and its constant updates? Or not convinced anyone will actually look at your profile? Do not despair… Not only does a LinkedIn profile generally show up in the top of search results (Google trusts LinkedIn and therefore gives it higher rankings), but it can serve as the differentiator you need to set yourself apart from your ‘competition.’

Read on to learn these 6 simple steps for tuning up your LinkedIn profile…


Tips for Finding The Best Online Legal Marketing Company for Your Law Firm

At WebPresence, Esq. we lead by example. Unlike some legal marketing companies, where you can’t really be sure who you are dealing with and if this mystery person should really be trusted with your law firm’s reputation, WebPresence, Esq. believes in a personal, hands-on approach. What’s more, we don’t offer any services that we don’t engage in or use ourself.

Take our founder, Kristen Marquis, Attorney at Law, for example. Her LinkedIn profile is updated to its fullest extent and she maintains a very active presence on the site; using it to build business, develop her professional reputation, and establish her authority in the field of online presence management for lawyers. Don’t believe her? Ask the thousands of professionals who visited her site last year, making her profile one of the top 1% most visited profiles on LinkedIn in 2012.


Client Testimonials for Business Development

At WebPresence, Esq. we are always meeting with fellow attorneys to discuss building their web presence. During the process, one of the most common questions we are asked surrounds the use of client testimonials. With potential clients spending more time performing online research prior to giving you a call, a few positive words from a satisfied client (or five or ten) can go a long way. Not only that, testimonials go over well with the major search engines (Google/Yahoo/Bing). And as we all know, search engine rankings are key.

So what is the best way to ask your client for a glowing testimonial that you can share on your website, Facebook page, and/or Avvo profile? We believe it depends, in part, on the area of law you practice. Whether your focus is white collar crime or personal injury, read on for tips on how to obtain and maximize client testimonials for business development!