How Lawyers Can Create the Perfect Social Media Post

Ever wonder why one law firm’s Facebook page has 1000 likes when yours only has two? Or why your competition’s Twitter account is brimming with followers and you can barely get a retweet? While a lot has to do with content marketing (you must be providing your target demographic with quality, useful information), enough cannot be said about packaging. Is your social media campaign presenting the right image to your potential clientele? And how do you create the perfect Facebook post? Or the most retweetable tweet?

Read on to learn the secrets about how to become a popular AND effective social networker (i.e. followers –> quality leads).


4 Tips for Managing a Negative Online Review for Lawyers

Just a few years ago, people turned to the Yellow Pages and word of mouth for information about lawyers. Today, over 55% of your potential clients use the Internet to research you (or any lawyer). Word of mouth is still important, but don’t think that even with a glowing referral, you aren’t being vetted online before you get the call.

That being said, reviews are now an accepted part of online life. Consumers looking for restaurants, dentists, caterers or law firms now turn to sites such as and the various social media networks for detailed ratings and information. They can even post reviews directly to your Google+ Local profile and Avvo profile!

So what do you do if someone has written a negative review about you or your law firm? How do you manage your online reputation in an effective, strategic manner? Read on for a few tips on online reputation management for lawyers.


Content Marketing is Key for Lawyers Looking to Their Optimize Online Presence

We’ve been saying it for a while and the statistics are in: Content marketing is one of the most effective ways for a law firm to differentiate itself online these days. With the sheer number of lawyers ‘blogging’ (some of the stuff we read should not qualify as such), it is more important than ever that included in your law firm’s business development plan is a content marketing strategy. By this we mean the production of quality, unique content (or blog posts) that the search engines and your potential audience (new clients, media, etc…) will adore.

A few interesting stats about legal blogging:

90% of consumers find custom [legal] content useful
Companies that blog drive 55% more traffic to their website (all the more reason to be sure the content you are putting out is relevant to your practice areas. You want quality leads.)
62% of businesses outsource their content marketing (lawyers: make sure that whomever is writing your content is intimately familiar with your state bar’s rules)
58% of consumers trust editorial content (is your legal marketing team publishing your articles in the top legal periodicals?)
Social media and blogs reach 8 out of 10 Internet users
Interesting content is one of the top 3 reasons people follow businesses (such as your law firm) on social media

Want more reasons why you need to start blogging? Read on…


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For more information on the event, see the flyer below or click this link to register directly. You can also contact WebPresence, Esq.’s founder, Kristen Marquis, an SMBA Board Member and Officer.


Is Your Law Firm’s Facebook Cover Photo Compliant?

These days, not having an engaging Facebook presence for your law firm makes new business development a challenge. After all, individuals spend more time on Facebook (54 billion minutes per month) than email, search and online gaming combined AND the 34+ age demographic is currently driving Facebook’s growth… So it stands to reason that no matter your area of law, your clients and potential clients are on Facebook. Whether it is for work or for pleasure, they are utilizing the social network — including its Google-like search capabilities.

Now the question remains: Is your Facebook cover photo complaint with the company’s stringent guidelines? If not, you run the risk of having your law firm’s Facebook page (and the blood, sweat, and tears you put into building it and your following) removed by Facebook itself. For help with your law firm’s Facebook page, contact a savvy social media marketing team.

For more information on what is and is not okay for your law firm’s cover photo, keep reading…


10 On-Site Page SEO Tips for Your Legal Blog

With legal blogging for business development all the rage, it’s important for lawyers to remember that the goal of the blog is twofold: educate (the public) and encourage (new clients to call). Many lawyers, and those who write content on their behalf, are so concerned about ‘building content’ or/and ‘increasing SEO’ that they dismiss quality — in both the content and the on-page search engine optimization.

Content quality cannot be overlooked for obvious reasons (namely, your State Bar, which frowns upon inaccurate or misleading content). Quality on-page optimization is one of the easiest ways to rank for keywords in search engines. Of course, we do not suggest that you law firm sacrifices readability and appearance for the sake of optimization, as this will affect your potential client’s experience and if they aren’t encouraged to call you after reading your blog, what’s the point of blogging? Or paying someone else to do it?

Read on for the top 10 factors that your law firm should consider when writing content and constructing an optimized layout for your legal blog.


Bad SEO Tactics for Law Firms Exposed

WebPresence, Esq. understands that our clients (lawyers and legal professionals) are interested in obtaining quality new business. We also understand that this means managing their web presence in a manner that increases their brand’s reputation (yes, law firms and lawyers are considered ‘brands’). Unfortunately, not all SEO companies that work with lawyers utilize this effective approach. Instead, they charge lawyers for services such as link stuffing, directory listings, and poor quality content writing. Not only does this hurt the law firm’s ability to obtain high search engine rankings for its website, but it’s unethical. And at WebPresence, Esq. we’re sticklers for social media ethics for lawyers.

If your law firm is currently working with an SEO team to increase SEO and search engine rankings, make sure they are not engaging in these bad SEO tactics for lawyers.


Best and Worst Times To Engage in Social Media

You’ve finally decided to join many of your fellow attorneys in the constantly changing world of online networking and business development. Congrats! Now that you have search optimized profiles on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, it’s time to start ‘engaging’ and really building that professional network.

To maximize your reach, establish yourself as a thought leader in your practice area, and/or connect with prospective clients online, you / your law firm must maintain an active social media presence. This means posting, replying, responding, retweeting, and more. And yes, this can be exhausting and time-consuming. Let an experienced social media marketing for lawyers team manage your web presence so that you can focus on the practice of law.

However, if you decide that your work day is best spent on social networks, read on for the most — and least — ideal times to share…