Mastering the Art of Facebook Advertising for Lawyers

These days, it isn’t a question of whether your potential clients are online, but rather what you are doing to reach them. Facebook, the world’s most popular social network, can be a great lead generation opportunity for the right kind of lawyer with the right kind of practice. That’s right, not every social network is ideal for every attorney / law firm. It’s crucial that you are spending your time on the social media sites that contribute client development. If you’re confused about which social networks are right for you, give our team of legal marketing experts a call.
But back to Facebook… If you have determined that having a strategic presence on the social networking giant will provide you with a sharp return on your marketing investment, it’s time to consider Facebook ads. Unfortunately, organic reach is declining as paid ads increase and, generally speaking, law firm pages don’t attract the kind of cult following seen with your favorite band or indie actor, meaning you have to be proactive about driving prospective clients to your business page instead of hoping they come to you.

Making Facebook Work for Your Law Firm

“I hate Facebook.” “I don’t understand the point of Facebook.” “Facebook is for photos of babies and grandbabies.” These are a few of the most common excuses we hear from attorneys as to why their law firm doesn’t need to be on Facebook, the world’s largest social network and a search engine unto its own. As it stands, these attorneys are more and more becoming the minority.

According to SocialTimes, almost 2/3 (almost 66%) of the top 50 law firms in the US have Facebook pages (yes, a majority of the most respectable and most successful law firms in the country on Facebook) and they use the platform as a way to engage with current and potential clients. When smartly integrated into your overall legal marketing campaign, Facebook and the other social media platforms are an effective way for lawyers to get in front of your target audience – and stay there.
How Can Facebook Help Increase Business for My Law Firm?

Facebook for Lawyers

A billion users worldwide have catapulted Facebook to its secure spot as the giant in social networking. With Americans spending an average of 40 minutes per day on Facebook, many corporations and businesses have created their own Facebook pages to connect with their targeted audience.
Facebook vs LinkedIn
When it comes to professional networking, LinkedIn has shown its effectiveness in maintaining and developing new spheres of influence.  However, using Facebook effectively can help you achieve the same results while also creating meaningful personal and business relationships and strengthening your firm’s brand.

The Power of Facebook for Lawyers

A billion users worldwide have catapulted Facebook to be the leading giant in social networking. Indeed, a recent report by Business Insider Intelligence shows that Facebook is the social media Goliath that users prefer. Wanting to take advantage of these potential clients, many corporations and businesses have created their own Facebook pages to connect with their targeted audience. What’s more, the report shows that over 60% percent of Facebook users spend their time socializing on mobile devices, compared to a desktop or laptop and that US users spend an average of 40 minutes scrolling through their Facebook feed each day.

Is Your Law Firm’s Facebook Cover Photo Compliant?

These days, not having an engaging Facebook presence for your law firm makes new business development a challenge. After all, individuals spend more time on Facebook (54 billion minutes per month) than email, search and online gaming combined AND the 34+ age demographic is currently driving Facebook’s growth… So it stands to reason that no matter your area of law, your clients and potential clients are on Facebook. Whether it is for work or for pleasure, they are utilizing the social network — including its Google-like search capabilities.

Now the question remains: Is your Facebook cover photo complaint with the company’s stringent guidelines? If not, you run the risk of having your law firm’s Facebook page (and the blood, sweat, and tears you put into building it and your following) removed by Facebook itself. For help with your law firm’s Facebook page, contact a savvy social media marketing team.

For more information on what is and is not okay for your law firm’s cover photo, keep reading…

Common Social Media Mistakes Lawyers Don’t Want To Make

Are you one of the many lawyer starting to see the benefit of building a strong web presence? Or have you watched your competitors and colleagues pull ahead of the pack by masterfully crafting the art of social networking?  It’s not easy to build an effective online presence, but it can be done. However, before you get any crazy ideas, just filling out a law firm page on Facebook or starting a Twitter account is not enough. If you are really interested in exploding your practice through the power of social media marketing for attorneys, you need to avoid making these common mistakes:

You aren’t using images or videos.  These days, we are bombarded with information at every turn. If you are not setting yourself apart, and making it easy for people to be interested in you and/or your content, you will go unnoticed — ouch! Adding relevant images and videos can make your law firm’s social media presence more interesting to your potential clients.

Social Media for Lawyers: Who, What, When, Where, and How to Share

As lawyers, most of us can appreciate a good legal strategy. One that highlights an argument or position that you had never considered, or maybe that re-phrases something so old it’s new again. Whatever the reason, you take notice. And that’s exactly how your online network should feel about your Social Media campaign. Whether you are targeting fellow attorneys, the media, or members of the general public, your Social Media strategy needs to be on point. Sharp. Unforgettable. Successful.

You must know that WHO you’re marketing to has a strong effect on WHEN and HOW to market to them. As an experienced Social Media marketing for lawyers professional can tell you, this takes research, time and planning.

Here are a few tips (and a great infograph!) to help you create a Social Media marketing campaign for the record books:

8 Biggest Social Media Mistakes Lawyers Make

As more and more lawyers begin to accept that Social Media is a part of the business development landscape (hey, even the ABA is onto it!), we are noticing a few mistakes that many law firms are making over and over again. Whether it is the attorneys themselves or someone they have hired to manage their Social Networking, the end game is the same: a less than effective Social Media campaign.

We understand. Monitoring Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, and whatever else they come up with next, is time-consuming. Additionally, most practicing attorneys do not have the time to focus on creating new and unique content for the various Social Networks and be social online. Twitter can be especially difficult — a lawyer who writes in 140 characters or less? We’re sure there’s a joke about that somewhere… But along with content creation, there are certain rules one has to follow when engaging online.  This is where outsourcing to a non-attorney marketer can get tricky. Hey, we’re obviously all for outsourcing, but we’re also attorneys who have practiced and understand the game.

If you are a lawyer or law firm considering a Social Media presence — and this includes a blog — or if you already have one, make sure you are not committing one of these common Social Media mistakes.

Ethics, Social Media, and Lawyers: 8 Tips to Stay in Line with the ABA

Many attorneys are [wisely] concerned about the ethical considerations that go along with having active Social Media accounts, including blogs. With the power to seriously mess with a lawyer’s ‘active and in good standing’ status, the State Bar is not a group to be messed with. As licensed attorneys, the Social Media professionals at WebPresence, Esq. understand the necessity of maintaining an ethically-sound Web Presence.

The ABA has finally acknowledged the place of Social Media in the legal world. The ABA’s House of Delegates — its governing body — considered the recommendations of the ABA Commission on Ethics 20/20, which has proposed revisions to the Model Rules of Professional Conduct to address changes in technology.

Social Media for Lawyers is the present – and the future. You don’t have to be afraid of the powers of Social Networking as long as you, or your Social Media team, is aware of the ethical pitfalls and approaches your Social Media campaign with a bit of common sense and professional awareness. Read on for tips on how to stay out of trouble when utilizing Social Media to build your law practice.

Want to Build Your Law Firm’s Social Media Presence?

Here are 7 Things You Must Know First
Here are the 7 Social Media ‘Must-Knows’ for Your Law Practice

1. Get your law practice on the Social Media accounts; Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are a few.
2. Be aware that each social media accounts must be treated differently, as you are targeting a unique audience with each account.
3. Be patient: You won’t see results over night. It takes time, consistency, and frequency to build trust (aka a following) in Social Media — just like with any relationship.